Occupation: Producer / Labelmanager / Founder
Type: Main artist

This mysterious and silent artist only known as "Mute." doesn't like public attention and thinks music should speak for itself instead of the artist behind it. Therefore he chooses to remain anonimous. Only a handful of people know his real identity.

His typical sound is really one of a kind, the main base mostly being hardcore techno with lots of influences from different genres, such as IDM, rhytmic noise and drum & bass, all packed in a thick coat of distortion. Truly he does not fear the experiment.
  [solo releases]

SMPT011.1: Mute. - A Single Chunk Of Preliminary Drama And The Truth About Pop Music
SMPT011: Mute. - The Sense Of Utter Desolation And The Need For Desperate Revenge
SMPT004: Mute. - Conveyed In Wordless Detail
SMPT002: Mute. - Minimizing Acoustic Distortion In Home Theaters

[appears on]

SMPT005: Sampler 1 - The Space Between Zero And One