The Relic

Name: Maurice Pinkster
Occupation: Producer / DJ
Type: Main artist

The Relic is the raw alias of Zanthrax, both are known from their productions on the
well known Fix Records label. At the end of 2006 he also became a main producer for the Symp.tom label. The Relic combines dark raw sounds with a pumping techno-drive. His style is very wide, but expect no happy sounds.

The Relic also works under the name Dual Mechanism, which is a collaboration project with his 'partner in crime' Mental Wreckage. With this project these two gentlemen allow themselves more freedom for experimenting with their sound and using a wide variety of influences.
  [solo releases]

SMPT015: The Relic - The Fallen
SMPT009: The Relic - Angel's Share
SMPT007: Dual Mechanism - Element: Dysprosium
SMPT006: The Relic - Inside The Machine
USR008: Zanthrax vs. The Relic - Mind Battle Part 1
FIX017: The Relic - Exaggerate

[appears on]

SMPT013: Moleculez - Raw Like Sushi (1 track)
SMPT008: Moleculez - Poison For The Masses (1 track)
ROT100: Rotterdam Records - De Remiksen (1 remix)
SMPT005: Sampler 1 - The Space Between Zero And One (1 track, 1 remix)
Z-T003: Various Artists - Elements One (2 tracks)