The Outside Agency

Name: Noel Wessels & Frank Nitzinsky / DJ Hidden & Eye-D
Occupation: Producer / DJ
Type: Guest artist

As true dissidents within the hardcore scene, The Outside Agency has always had its own unique sound. This was already evident on their first three releases, which they produced for Mokum Records in the late 90s. After that period hardcore suffered a drastic change in direction and the two members of TOA (DJ Hidden & Eye-D) no longer felt at home in the genre and focused their attention on drum & bass instead. Around 2001 hardcore transformed yet again, but this time the agents were very pleased with the direction it had taken and they started producing and playing hardcore again with renewed vigor.

After a string of successful releases on several international underground labels such as Black Monolith Records and Otaku Records the two founded their own successful imprint Genosha Recordings which is now one of the leading labels in dark underground hardcore. TOA often remixes other producers' tracks and they still occasionally record for other labels such as Mokum, Hong Kong Violence, Enzyme and Symp.tom, but their main focus for the foreseeable future is on Genosha.
  SMPT 012: Return To The Point Of No Return
GEN175 001: Surreal / Chaos Theory
IDPDZ 012: Reality Collapse / Hell's Basement
B2K 015: Un Titre En Francais Intensement Profond Et Compliqu? Que Vous Ne Comprendrez...
HKV 009: The Way Of The Exploding Fist
GEN 015: Forever Is A Long Time Coming
GEN 014: Return Of The Revenge Of The Dark Alley Space Vampires (From Jupiter)
GEN 013: The Easy Money Remix EP
GEN 012: No, We Don't Want You To Clap Your Fucking Hands
GEN 010: Ten Inches Of What?
GEN 008: War In The 8th Dimension
GEN 007: Motherfucking Ants
EOV 005: Screaming Phoenix VIP
GEN 006.5: Scenocide 101 Album Sampler With Awesome Title
GEN 005: Flip-Flops In The Mosh Pit
GEN 003: Weapons Of Ass Destruction Vol. 3
GEN 001: There Can Be Only None
OTAKU 002: The Coconut Revolution
BMR 007: The Art Of Penetrating Without Penetrating
BMR 003: In Theory Everything Is Straight
MOK 080: We Are As Fresh As Ice Is Cold
MOK 072: The Case Of The Black Bubbles
MOK 065: The Outside Agency EP