SMPT011.1 Bonus 09-12-2008
Mute. - A Single Chunk Of Preliminary Drama And The Truth About Pop Music

Along with SMPT011 comes a surprising and free extra in the form of SMPT011.1. This release, going by the name of “A single chunk of preliminary drama and the truth about pop music” starts of with a separate intro (The truth about pop music_vol.1) leading into the epic “Black soup” which lasts for over 17 minutes!

This release will be available in two separate ways:

- The first is a special packaged limited edition 8cm mini-CD which comes free with the first orders of SMPT011 at the online shop of Mid-Town Records This special package is limited to 100 copies and will only be available at for a very short time.

- The second is freely downloading the whole release in high-quality mp3 through the Symp.tom website This mp3 package will be available shortly after the “special package” release.


1. The Truth About Pop Music_Vol.1
2. Black Soup