More news for 2017! 13-12-2016
Last week, the word was out. As Symp.tom, we're ready to become more active again. The response was pretty nice. Here's some more info to follow up!

For a while now, we have been doing our utmost best to regain the label's rights that were lost with the bankruptcy of Mid-town Records. It proves to be a complicated & difficult thing, so it's currently unknown if we can do any new releases, but we are able to present a new concept - a brand new line of podcasts starting in 2017, done by Symp.tom's own releasing crew but also guest artists. Each edition will showcase the artist's personal vision and concept of dark & industrial.

As you know, Symp.tom always stood for a specific blend of dark, raw & industrial hardcore techno, and we think it's important to keep that sound alive!

We'll be in touch. But for now, have some awesome holidays!

- Symp.tom
Authentic. Dark. Industrial.